[horde] Functioning Skeleton module for H3

Elliot Anders elliot at marlboro.edu
Wed Mar 23 20:27:27 UTC 2011

I'm trying to develop an in-house module for H3 and can't seem to find a functioning skeleton to base it off of.  

I started here: http://wiki.horde.org/CreatingYourFirstModule but found that he documentation has already been updated for H4.  Looking through the history, looks like I should be using this: http://wiki.horde.org/CreatingYourFirstModule?version=1.4 but the CVS checkout seems somewhat incorrect.  I was eventually able to get a version from CVS using: 
	export CVSROOT=:pserver:cvsread at anoncvs.horde.org:2401/repository
but that version seems too new to work with Horde 1.2.4.  Does anyone know the CVS or git branch I should be using to be compatible with Horde 1.2.4?  

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