[horde] Ldap-Groups, how to set Objectclass?

Michael Gröne michael.groene at zel.uni-hannover.de
Thu Mar 24 13:30:58 UTC 2011


I was about, to list groups in the configuration backend, which are  
stored in ActiveDirectory-Ldap.
In our case the list is always empty.
I found out, that in Horde/Group/Ldap.php the params-array is merged  
in the __constructor with some default-settings (line 44ff).

The problem seems to be the objectclass-setting, which is "posixGroup"  
by default. We need this to be "group". Changing this in source code  
works and we get the groups listed.
So I would like to configure this in the config-backend, but there is  
no field, I can set this value, is it?

Besides I saw, that adding/editing-code is commented out?


Michael Gröne

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