[horde] Horde4 ActiveSync with Nokia N900

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu Mar 31 11:25:02 UTC 2011

Zitat von Yves Bilgeri <yves.bilgeri at bbw.ch>:

> Am 31.03.2011 11:49, schrieb Jan Schneider:
>> Zitat von Yves Bilgeri <yves.bilgeri at bbw.ch>:
>>> Tried to use my Nokia N900 (latest Maemo 1.3) with Horde4 ActiveSync.
>>> The setup on the phone went well but when it tries to sync it ends in
>>> "Error in Exchange server". In the Horde log files there is:
>>> 2011-03-30T23:01:28+02:00 NOTICE: HORDE [imp] Login success for
>>> test.user at example.net (Horde user test.user at example.net)
>>> [] to {localhost:143 [imap]} [pid 24682 on line 199 of
>>> "/var/www/horde4/imp/lib/Auth.php"]
>>> 2011-03-30T23:01:29+02:00 ERR: HORDE [horde] Missing required
>>> parameters. [pid 24682 on line 56 of
>>> "/var/www/horde4/pear/php/Horde/Rpc/ActiveSync.php"]
>>> 2011-03-30T23:01:29+02:00 EMERG: HORDE [horde] Your device requested
>>> the ActiveSync URL wihtout required parameters. [pid 24682 on line 58
>>> of "/var/www/horde4/pear/php/Horde/Rpc/ActiveSync.php"]
>>> And the Apache log file:
>>> - test.user at example.net [30/Mar/2011:23:01:28 +0200]
>>> "OPTIONS /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync HTTP/1.1" 200 - "-" "N900/1.1"
>>> - test.user at example.net [30/Mar/2011:23:01:29 +0200]
>>> "POST
>>> /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync?Cmd=FolderSync&DeviceId=356938031943765&DeviceType=SmartPhone
>>> HTTP/1.1" 200 282 "-" "N900/1.1"
>>> - test.user at example.net [30/Mar/2011:23:01:32 +0200]
>>> "POST
>>> /Microsoft-Server-ActiveSync?Cmd=FolderSync&DeviceId=356938031943765&DeviceType=SmartPhone
>>> HTTP/1.1" 200 282 "-" "N900/1.1"
>> The "User" parameter is missing in the request URL. I don't know the
>> ActiveSync internals, Michael might be able to answer this better, but
>> at least for the Horde implementation this parameter seems to be
>> required. Did you set the username and password in your phone's
>> ActiveSync setup?
> Yes, the Username and Password are set in the phone. I saw the  
> missing user parameter too, sadly this is how the Exchnage Active  
> Sync implementation works in the N900.
> Found also an entry in the open-xchange forum about the same.
> Quote open-xchange forum [0]:
> "we fixed the reported issue with 6.16 which will be released very  
> soon. The problem was, that the N900 client does not send any  
> authentication data as a request parameter but only as auth-basic  
> information. This is not usual for ActiveSync clients. In order to  
> maintain compatibility, we've changed the handling to support such  
> kinds of authentication."
> [0] http://forum.open-xchange.com/archive/index.php/t-4285.html

Nice. So servers have to work around broken clients again. This seems  
to be a common pattern in synchronization-land. :) Please create a  
ticket with this information, maybe we can implement a similar  


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