[horde] Help with preauthenticate hook of IMP 5.0.0RC2

Juan C. Blanco jcblanco at fi.upm.es
Sun Apr 3 16:49:23 UTC 2011

Hello again, I have a question about the use of the preauthenticate hook 
of IMP 5.0

In previous version I was using the 'realm' option of the server to 
modify the user to be autenticated based on this realm.

In the new version the 'realm' option has been removed and seems that I 
need to start using the preauthenticated hook, however the 'credentials' 
parameter of this funcion only contains the 'server_key' of the defined 
backends servers.

¿Is there a way to access the other parameters of de backend servers 
like 'maildomain' or 'hostspec' inside de preauthenticate function?

Juan C. Blanco

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