[horde] slow/no response when memcache is down

Matus UHLAR - fantomas uhlar at fantomas.sk
Tue Apr 5 14:43:27 UTC 2011

> Quoting Matus UHLAR - fantomas <uhlar at fantomas.sk>:
>> I have configured horde to store sessions in mysql but use memcached.
>> I thought memcache will be used as cache and if the server is not reachable,
>> mysql will always be used.
>> However, when I turn memcached off, connection start hanging.

On 05.04.11 10:35, Chuck Hagenbuch wrote:
> What do you mean by hanging? Do you know what's being blocked on?

oh, sorry for using such weak explanation.

Connecting to webmail and loading the login page was slow. I actually didn't
wait how long will it take - waiting 30 seconds is unacceptable for me.

When I started up memcached, there was no problem.

I checked up if it's not the firewall with DROP setting, it was not.

Any idea what can that be?

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