[horde] Can't upgrade Kronolith DB Schema

David Solbach d at vidsolbach.de
Thu Apr 7 21:29:04 UTC 2011


I installed Horde 4.0.0 and afterwards I installed Imp and then Kronolith. I 
used a fresh installation directory and didn't reuse old config files. The 
previously installed version was the latest stable Horde version (3.5?).

Now when I try to update the DB schemas after installing Kronolith, I get a 
blank page.

Horde logs the following errors everytime I click the button to update the DB 

Apr  7 23:27:51 atilla HORDE: HORDE [horde] Share name s at bine-huenecke.de not 
found [pid 25038 on line 179 of "/usr/share/php/Horde/Share/Sql.php"]
Apr  7 23:27:51 atilla HORDE: HORDE [horde] PHP ERROR: Undefined variable: cal 
[pid 25038 on line 53 of 

Any hints? Is that a bug I should report?

Best regards and thanks for all the work!


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