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Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Mon Apr 18 14:36:47 UTC 2011

Patrick Boutilier <boutilpj at ednet.ns.ca> wrote:

>On 04/06/2011 02:05 PM, Jan Schneider wrote:
>> Zitat von Patrick Boutilier <boutilpj at ednet.ns.ca>:
>>> In the UPGRADING file it mentions that Datatree has been removed.
>>> in the configuration for Horde there is still a Datatree tab.
>>> Removed features
>>> ----------------
>>> * DataTree support has been removed. Several systems used DataTree
>as a
>>> possible backend for historical reasons. If you still used DataTree
>>> backends
>>> in Horde 3 and didn't migrate to SQL drivers yet, now you have to.
>>> further below for instructions how to migrate away from DataTree
>>> backends.
>> People still need the DataTree system to migrate away from it.
>> Jan.
>Is it possible to migrate a Horde 3.x datatree to Horde 4 SQL shares? I
>couldn't find a way to do it. Had to convert the datatree to SQL shares
>using Horde 3.3 scripts and then run horde-db-migrate on the Horde 4 
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There are scripts for this in each application's bin/ directory
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