[horde] Display domain in login window

Antoine Heskia horde at heskia.net
Wed Apr 20 13:06:18 UTC 2011


I have upgraded to Horde4/IMP5 recently and added the virtual domain handling hook in horde/config/hooks.php as suggested by you:
public function preauthenticate($userId, $credentials)
     if (strpos($userId,'@')===false) {
       $vdomain = preg_replace('/^((web)?mail|imp)\./i', '', $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST']);
       $userId=Horde_String::lower($userId . '@' . $vdomain);
     } else {

     return array(
       'userId' => $userId

The last thing I miss is how to make the domain name displayed in the login windows as it used to be in horde3/IMP4 (at the right of the username field) ?

Thanks for your support,

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