[horde] Mails with attachments are not displayed at all

David Solbach d at vidsolbach.de
Thu Apr 21 18:32:22 UTC 2011

Am Mittwoch, 20. April 2011, 20:08:26 schrieb Michael Rubinsky:
> Would you be able to provide the version number of the PECL imagick
> library and the convert version you are using so I can look into why
> this doesn't work for you?

I checked, and it was not installed. Sorry, but I'm not a PHP expert so I 
didn't even know what PECL is about. After I installed 
libmagickwand-dev the 'pecl install imagick' worked, and I guess it was the 
reason why it didn't work before (haven't tried, yet).

Still strange I got no error indicating that imagick is missing.


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