[horde] upgrade H4 pear from H3 tarballs (was: which step after 'pear install horde/horde' ?)

Bruno Costacurta techie at costacurta.org
Fri Apr 22 09:21:43 UTC 2011

> You  need  to  uninstall  all  your  H3  packages  first. Then run the
> installation again.
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> Vilius

I do not have H3 packages as installed it via tarballs.

So the migration path H3 to H4 is ?

1) move previous H3 directory /var/www/horde to a backup one.
2) execute a new pear installation on a new directory called /var/www/horde.
3) simply copy the previous configuration files (file conf.php) to the  
new installation.

Is this migration path H3 (tarballs files) to H4 (PEAR method) correct ?

Remark : with true and deep respect to the Horde team for the great  
job done, the INSTALL doc is rather poor about upgrade from previous  
H3, also about dependencies tarballs versus PEAR methods.

Thanks for attention.

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