[horde] horde-translation script issues

Luis Felipe Marzagao/Andamentos lfbm.andamentos at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 15:31:25 UTC 2011

Vilius S(umskas escreveu:

>>  Hello,

>>    i'm starting translating Horde 4 and apps and currently I have these
>>    two  big  issues  with  horde-translation script, which are probably
>>    related (or not).

>>    1.  Seems  like horde-translation uses HORDE_BASE instead of current
>>    directory  to  perform actions. This is not good in case one already
>>    has Horde 4 release installed and just want to translate checked out
>>    horde-git  tree  somewhere  in ~userhome. Is there a way to override

>>    2.  Running  horde-translation -m horde -l locale generates horde.po
>>    which  has  all the strings from all Horde apps. Probably because of
>>    issue #1? If not maybe I'm just forgetting something?

>Disregard  all  of  the  above. Never checked horde-translation --help
>which shows --base flag exactly for that purpose. So stupid by me.

For me what seems to solve the problem is cloning the git tree, and then running pear run-scripts horde/horde_role again
in order to set /home/user/git/horde/horde as the horde base, instead of the /var/www/horde..., which is the
working horde installation. But then I have to manually copy the .mo and .po files that to the working installation
folder (/var/www/horde...).

Luis Felipe

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