[horde] Sidebar has disappeared...

stephan at admin.nabira.de stephan at admin.nabira.de
Thu Jun 16 07:28:30 UTC 2011

Zitat von Volker Then <horde40 at volkerthen.com>:

> Zitat von Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:
>> Zitat von Vilius ?umskas <vilius at lnk.lt>:
>>> Sveiki,
>>> Wednesday, June 15, 2011, 8:30:09 PM, you wrote:
>>>> Zitat von Volker Then <horde40 at volkerthen.com>:
>>>>> Zitat von Vilius ?umskas <vilius at lnk.lt>:
>>>>>>> I had the same problem after upgrading to horde 4.0.5 and 4.0.6. When
>>>>>>> I checked the webserver's logfiles I found this:
>>>>>>> File does not exist: /var/www/horde/js/tooltips.js
>>>>>>> File does not exist: /var/www/horde/js/hordetree.js
>>>>>>> It seems that said files and some other javascript files are no longer
>>>>>>> in the default horde folder but in /usr/share/php/www/horde/js.
>>>>>> For what it's worth update here went fine. However I have noticed
>>>>>> long ago that main PEAR channel points to different folder also.
>>>>>> [root at mail ~]# pear config-get -c pear.horde.org horde_dir
>>>>>> /var/www/html/horde
>>>>>> [root at mail ~]# pear config-get horde_dir
>>>>>> /usr/share/pear/www/horde
>>>>> Same here.
>>>>> Jan, I didn't use a custom PEAR configuration when installing Horde.
>>>>> I just followed the default install routine.
>>>> I can't reproduce, installing Horde 4.0.5 in the global PEAR, then
>>>> running upgrade -c horde. Those javascript files are not part of Horde
>>>> though, but Horde_Core.
>>> Not  sure  if  this could be related but most framework packages and
>>> Horde applications use:
>>> <usesrole>
>>>     <role>horde</role>
>>>     <package>Role</package>
>>>     <channel>pear.horde.org</channel>
>>> </usesrole>
>>> Shouldn't that be Horde_Role and not just Role?
>> Indeed, nice catch. But this is only informational for the PEAR  
>> installer, to let it know where to get the "horde" role if it's not  
>> installed. So it doesn't have to do with this problem.
> Upgrades always worked until horde 4.0.4. I always updated apps  
> individually, e.g. "pear upgrade horde/imp". With the release of  
> horde 4.0.5 I upgraded the full horde channel with "pear upgrade -c  
> horde". Which resulted in a disappearance of all horde apps from the  
> install path /var/www/horde/. After uninstalling them with "pear  
> uninstall horde/***" and reinstalling them app by app they appeared  
> on the right location. So what might be the difference between the  
> two upgrade routines?

For what it's worth: I had the same issue every time on upgrade via  
upgrade-all or upgrade of the channel.
I had to manually delete these directories and force-reinstall (pear  
install -f horde/PACKAGE) the package for which the files went to the  
wrong directory. pear config-get shows the same and correct horde_dir  
that I previously set with horde_role (but I haven't do that before  
each upgrade, do I?).

The last time it was IMP that had the problem and some files in the js  
folder (and just some of that files, about 15 or so, but I don't  
remember which ones).


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