[horde] imp does not provide an authenticate() method

Andreas Mauser andreas at mauser.info
Sun Jun 19 13:48:56 UTC 2011

Hi, got out more iinformation that maybe helps.

On 19.06.2011 15:16, Andreas Mauser wrote:
> Hi,
> we had this topic already but is still unsolved:
> imp does not provide an authenticate() method
> I messed up my pear but could fix that with installing horde/horde 
> with the --force option.
> So I was able to get Horde 4 running, but I can not login.
I found that pecl pam is missing so I installed that.
I also had to make an entry in /etc/php5/apache2/php.ini like 
Since this entry apache does not start anymore. It then only can be 
killed via the kill command.

Can anyone explain how this can be solved?

I already started another question to clean up a Horde 4 installation 
and start from scratch.

Maybe you can give me either one or the other solution. Any hint helps.

Kind regards,

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