[horde] Permissions problem with Webmail

Volker Then horde40 at volkerthen.com
Tue Jul 5 10:16:27 UTC 2011


I'm using SQL as the authentication mechanism. Some of my users don't  
have an IMAP account on the server. So I'm setting permissions for  
accessing IMP ("Webmail") only for those users who have an IMAP  
account. Anyway, when a non-IMAP user is logging in to Horde, IMP is  
trying to access the IMAP server for this user

imap-login: Aborted login (auth failed, 8 attempts): user=<********>,  
method=PLAIN, rip=, lip=, TLS

2011-07-05T12:09:54+02:00 ERR: HORDE [imp] IMAP server denied authentication.

The question is, why is IMP trying to authenticate? The user hasn't  
any permissions to access the Webmail module. The module does not  
appear in the sidebar for this user, since permissions are set  
correctly. My workaround at this time is setting up IMAP accounts for  
said users.

In Horde 3 this worked as it should. Users without webmail permissions  
didn't authenticate on the IMAP server.




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