[horde] storing from addresses in session/preferences

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Tue Jul 5 12:18:04 UTC 2011

Zitat von Matus UHLAR - fantomas <uhlar at fantomas.sk>:

>> Zitat von Matus UHLAR - fantomas <uhlar at fantomas.sk>:
>>> So, would pushing the value to $_SESSION work as I expect?
> On 05.07.11 10:09, Jan Schneider wrote:
>> Why don't you try it? Yes, it should. Though for Horde 4 you should  
>> rather use the global $session *object*. But that's probably going  
>> to complicate things for now.
> that's something to remember, thank you.
>>>>> - can I store the from_addresses in preferences, so the  
>>>>> addresses   will be available in case their source is not? How  
>>>>> to do this?
>>>> Probably not from a hook.
>>> And what about prefs.php? According to an advise, I was able to  
>>> modify it to work with array of predefined addresses.
>>> Is there any (easy) way to put the array to preferences?
>> Sorry?
> (how) can I put the variable to horde's preferences and access it  
> from both ingo and imp?

I'm still not sure what you mean, but any Horde preference can be  
accessed from an application.


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