[horde] Problems with Horde 4.0.1

Ralph Ballier ballier at mail.schule.de
Thu Jul 7 19:06:17 UTC 2011


now I know a bit more about my problem. I found that many files in /www/htdocs/horde/js are not installed, such as hordetree.js, liquidmetal.js, calendar.js and so on. Where is my mistake? I found in imp at list.horde.org an article in which somebode said to the same problem:

"...you did not follow the installation steps correctly - namely, setting 
the horde role value."

What does he mean with "setting the horde role value"? I dont find in the installing instruction a value setting for horde role.


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Von: "Ralph Ballier" ballier at mail.schule.de 
An: horde at lists.horde.org 
Datum: Wed, 06 Jul 2011 16:31:18 +0200
> Hello,
> I had installed 4.0.1 and there where at first no problems. I had made the 
> configurations as admin without problems. Then I clicked on webmail icon and see 
> the number of mails and the number of unread mails. After this I click on 
> "Posteingang" (inbox in englisch?) and it hangs. On the left upper corner I see 
> the message: "Lade..." (load...) and nothing happens. After a while I decide to 
> abort this by clicking on "Portal".
> Then I click on "Calendar". I see an incomplete page. In the middle purery white, 
> on the left site a column (Little calender, but only the first line, "My 
> calender", ...), but every click is senseless. It's not possible to get a "New 
> calender" and so on.
> Above you see a row with buttons: (Date from today), "Day", "Week", "Month", 
> "Year",... but I get no effect, if I click on this buttons.
> At an other computer there ist an installation Horde 3 and there is no problems, 
> but I had used it only casual and for mail only.
> Ralph
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