[horde] bug with login portal vs imp?

Michael J Rubinsky mrubinsk at horde.org
Mon Jul 11 13:58:49 UTC 2011

Quoting fuxa_kos at unihost.cz:

> When my users are logged to portal
> Horde :: My Portal; https://.../services/portal/
> from https://.../login.php
> they get in IMP widget
> Error
>  User is not authorized for imp
> and doesn't see mailbox. Other modules like turba (Address Book) works
> fine! Type /imp/ to URL and got login screen again (for already loged
> user).
> After new login (under IMP), they see Inbox fine and when goes to
> /services/portal/ - IMP widget and other portals widget works fine too.
> Mail
> Folder Unseen Total
> Inbox  -  41
> Looks like portal login doesn't share user auth with IMP.
> What is wrong?

You are using an authentication mechanism other than Application/IMP  
and did not properly set the hordeauth parameter in  
imp/config/backends.php (or backends.local.php). There are  
instructions at the top of that file.


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