[horde] Firewall port redirect

Reindl Harald h.reindl at thelounge.net
Thu Aug 18 00:12:46 UTC 2011

what about change the config?

Determines how we generate full URLs (for location headers and such)

What server name should we use?
You'll probably know if you need to change this default;
only in situations where you need to override what Apache thinks
the server name is. Enter a valid PHP expression.

What port number is the webserver running on? Again, you shouldn't need
to change the default, and you probably know it if you do. The exception
is if you have chosen to always generate https URLs, as described above.
Enter a valid PHP expression.

Am 18.08.2011 02:01, schrieb M. Rodrigo Monteiro:
> Hi!
> I have a firewall in front of Horde server.
> I use dyndns.org. The address of the FW is
> firewall-example.dyndns.org:8006 and redirect to the internal server
> 192.168.1.X:8006.
> When I try to login on Horde
> http://firewall-example.dyndns.org:8006/horde/login.php the pages
> opens OK, but after puts the e-mail and password, it goes to
> http://firewall-example.dyndns.org/horde/login.php.
> Where do I configure the host/port of the Webserver in Horde? Or it
> does get automatically?
> Regards,
> Rodrigo.

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