[horde] rpc - ICS ... Server Error

Martin Hochreiter linuxbox at wavenet.at
Tue Aug 30 06:23:26 UTC 2011

Hi Niels!

Thank you for your response - unfortunately that leads to nothing.
I have the apache on "debug" php5 on "E-ALL" horde log on debug
and horde-php on E-All ... restarted everything but the only hint I got
is a Error 500 with wget and no error or at least a warning (but no ICS 
Data) via lightning
and firefox.

If I ignore the wget 500 issue, it seems that rpc-kronolith is not 
sending any data


> Hmm, at first it seems you have to push up your logging / debugging in 
> apache (httpd.conf) and enable more / verbose logging / debugging 
> output for PHP (php.ini) into logfiles temporarily - a httpd 500 error 
> must give something out into the httpd and/or php logs. Afair a 
> typical problem with rpc.php is the lack of one or more pear modules / 
> extensions which are used in the rpc stuff only. These should be 
> identifyable by a verbose logging too. Hth Cheers, Niels. - -- Niels 
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