[horde] truncated attachments to 64kB

Simon Hupka simon.hupka at lightstorm.sk
Tue Aug 30 09:17:19 UTC 2011



Recently we upgraded our mailserver with horde 4.0.8 (all other modules were
updated to most recent stable versions too)


Our customers started to complain, that attachments do not work normally
(BUT only thru webmail)

When u send any attachment (pdf, doc, zip, rar..whatever) the recepient
receives only first 64kB of the files (each attachments is reduced to 64kB,
the rest of each file is deleted?)


When u send attachments via MS Outlook, it works fine, probably other
clients work fine as well, we only noticed this behavior in Horde webmail :(
there are no errors in logs everything looks to be fine, but apparently, its


Any help will be appreciated


Oh and one more thing, we also are simultaneously running the old version of
horde, and that one is working just fine (but we would like to use the new



S pozdravom / Best regards


Ing. Simon Hupka
Network Associate, Software Developer


Description: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft
Parickova 18, 821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia
e-mail:  <mailto:simon.hupka at lightstorm.sk> simon.hupka at lightstorm.sk
web:  <http://www.lightstorm.sk/> www.lightstorm.sk
phone: +421 2 32 400 012
cell phone: +421 917 980 940



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