[horde] Object Creator @ kronolith how dose it work waht is it userd for

Götz Reinicke goetz.reinicke at filmakademie.de
Fri Sep 23 15:28:51 UTC 2011


can somewone point me to the documentation or can explain to the
kronolith option "Object Creator".

Today some userse activated all 'Object Creator' settings (Show, Read,
...) for some calendars and ALL users who can login to our horde
installation could see and read the calendars. :-(

And the online help is funny :-)

Calendar Permissions

Here should go a few explanations on the different users and groups that
permissions can be assigned to.

This should be a place to explain the different permission types and
what they mean regarding to events and calendars.

We run Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 1.2.9 with Calendar (kronolith)
H3 (2.3.5).

BTW: Is there an eays step-by-step how to for updating this edition to V

	Thanks and best regard. Götz

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