[horde] SyncML suddenly failing

Ole Wolf ole at naturloven.dk
Fri Sep 23 18:56:52 UTC 2011

I just discovered today that for some reason, SyncML is no longer working
for two of my devices with Horde. A third device is still able to
synchronize with Horde.

   According to the log file of one device, it receives an unexpected HTML
response from horde which begins with the following text:
/[2011-09-23 20:45:57.102]/ unexpected content type 'text/html;
charset=UTF-8' in reply, 235371 bytes:
   <head><title>Horde :: Fatal Error</title></head>
   <body style="background:#fff; color:#000"><h1>A fatal error has
occurred</h1><h3>Unable to find dtd for syncml:devinf</h3><div
id="backtrace"><pre> 1. Horde_Rpc_Syncml->getResponse()
   2. Horde_SyncMl_ContentHandler->process()
   3. Horde_Xml_Wbxml_Decoder->decode()
   4. Horde_Xml_Wbxml_Decoder->_decode()
   5. Horde_Xml_Wbxml_Decoder->endTag()
   6. Horde_SyncMl_ContentHandler->endElement()
   7. Horde_SyncMl_ContentHandler->handleCommand()
   8. Horde_SyncMl_Command_Get->handleCommand()
   9. Horde_SyncMl_XmlOutput->outputDevInf()
   10. Horde_Xml_Wbxml_Encoder->startElement()
   11. Horde_Xml_Wbxml_Encoder->writeHeader()
   </pre></div><h3>Details</h3><h4>The full error message is logged in
Horde's log file, and is shown below only to administrators.
Non-administrative users will not see error details.</h4><div
id="details"><pre>Horde_Xml_Wbxml_Exception Object
   [details] =&gt;
   [message:protected] =&gt; Unable to find dtd for syncml:devinf
   [string:Exception:private] =&gt;
   [code:protected] =&gt; 0
   [file:protected] =&gt; /usr/share/php/Horde/Xml/Wbxml/Encoder.php
   [line:protected] =&gt; 99
   [trace:Exception:private] =&gt; Array
   [0] =&gt; Array
   [file] =&gt; /usr/share/php/Horde/Xml/Wbxml/Encoder.php

   Looking in /tmp/sync, the synchronization does produce a devinf.txt file
with "'VerDTD' => '1.2', however. Did something break in the most recent

Rødhættevej 4 * 9400 Nørresundby
   Telefon: 9632-0108 * Mobil: 2467-5526 * Skype: ole.wolf * SIP:
ole.wolf at ekiga.net

[1] http://naturloven.dk
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