[horde] Upgrading from 3 to 4

Chris cjdl01 at brokensolstice.com
Sat Sep 24 00:05:29 UTC 2011

Quoting Vilius ?umskas <vilius at lnk.lt>:

> This   still  means that you have to debug why framework is not loaded
> yourself.  Check apache configuration, PHP configuration, .htaccess
> files, other usual places for include_path problems...

Yes, I know.  I have been trying to do that for two days now.  I have  
checked php.ini for apache and for cli, and set to the path for  
Horde.php (/usr/share/php).  As far as I can tell, everything is in  
that directory, the PEAR dir, PEAR.php the Horde dir... I cannot find  
any mention of any path that is incorrect in any of my apache config  
files, php.ini(s) or in my .htaccess.

I am new to this whole method of installing horde (through PEAR), so I  
don't even know exactly what I'm looking for.  It is tough to diagnose  
something when you don't know what it is supposed to look like, and  
how it is supposed to behave normally.  The log file isn't giving  
anything useful here (not to me anyway, to a developer maybe).

I could use a little insight from someone with some experience here.



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>  Vilius
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