[horde] SyncML suddenly failing

Ole Wolf ole at naturloven.dk
Sat Sep 24 09:49:31 UTC 2011

Quoting Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:
> Nothing suddenly stops working out of the blue. What did you do  
> before it started failing?

Indeed, and that's why I suspect the most recent upgrade to be the  
culprit. Backtracking, I can think of the following three changes on  
my server and Horde setup:

1. I added varnish as a http cache; however, this was on port 80 and  
syncing happened on port 443 (https), so caching port 80 shouldn't  
affect the sync. True enough, removing varnish again and thus  
restoring the web server setup didn't resolve the problem.

2. I had to deselect my default address book and reselect it again in  
order to be able to add public PGP keys in Horde. Not sure why this  
was necessary. However, when I sync only to, say, the calendar and not  
the address book, I get the same error message.

3. I upgraded Horde to the most recent version.

>   This should have only happened with an intermediate version of  
> Horde_Xml_Wbxml from Git.

I haven't installed Horde via Git, so could it be that the official  
release includes the intermediate version that are installed via PEAR?

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