[horde] SyncML suddenly failing

Ole Wolf ole at naturloven.dk
Sat Sep 24 10:36:29 UTC 2011

Quoting Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>:
>>> This should have only happened with an intermediate version of  
>>> Horde_Xml_Wbxml from Git.
>>    I haven't installed Horde via Git, so could it be that the  
>> official release includes the intermediate version that are  
>> installed via PEAR?
>   Does it go away if you downgrade Horde_Xml_Wbxml to version 1.0.1?
>   pear upgrade -f horde/horde_xml_wbxml-1.0.1
>   If yes, please update bug 10229.

Yes, downgrading Horde_Xml_Wbxml to version 1.0.1 got rid of the  
error. I've updated the bug.

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