[horde] Mailer SMTP option not working

Jeff Tipton jeff.t at mail.com
Mon Sep 26 14:05:27 UTC 2011

 >> One, perhaps, interesting thing. I tried to echo some variables from
 >> Horde's php shell, and I could get values from:
 >> horde/config/conf.php,
 >> horde/turba/config/conf.php,
 >> horde/turba/config/backends.local.php
 >> horde/imp/config/conf.php
 >> But I got no variable values from
 >> horde/imp/config/backends.local.php, where I set 'smtphost'
 >> 'smtpport'.
 >What do you mean? The variables in the configuration are *not* global
I'm just looking for a clue -- I thought maybe I made a setting or 
permission somewhere that prevents backends.local.php from being 
parsed.But I could not find any.

Of course, I didn't expect config variables to be global; I also have 
"register_globals = Off" in my php.ini. I used Horde's PHP Shell, not 
php command from my OS shell. And Horde's PHP shell has even the option 
to choose an "Application Context" (turba, kronolith, ingo, horde, 
imp...), so, should the variables be clobal to see them here? Anyway, I 
could see them from several config files, including 
horde/turba/config/backends.local.php, and only  
horde/imp/config/backends.local.php and horde/imp/config/backends.php 
didn't show anything.

But maybe this is not a clue at all because IMAP, too, is defined in my 
backends.local.php file, and IMAP is working.


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