[horde] Mailer SMTP option not working

Jeff Tipton jeff.t at mail.com
Tue Sep 27 10:40:38 UTC 2011

> I don't remember, did you have different host names/ip addresses in  >the global mailer configuration vs. imp's backends.local.php? If yes, >does it work if you specify the correct host name in the global >configuration? >  >Jan.
 This is my present configuration:


 $servers['imap'] = array(
 // Disabled by default
 'disabled' => false,
 'name' => 'IMAP Server',
 'hostspec' => 'smtphost.domain.local',
 'hordeauth' => 'full',
 'protocol' => 'imap',
 'port' => 993,
 'secure' => 'ssl',
 'maildomain' => 'domain.tld',
 'smtphost' => 'smtphost.domain.local',
 'smtpport' => 25,
 'quota' => array(
 'driver' => 'imap',
 'params' => array(
 'hide_when_unlimited' => true,
 'unit' => 'MB'
 'acl' => true,
 'cache' => false,

 $conf['mailer']['params']['host'] = 'smtphost.domain.local';
 $conf['mailer']['params']['port'] = 25;
 $conf['mailer']['params']['localhost'] = 'smtphost.domain.local';
 $conf['mailer']['params']['auth'] = 'PLAIN';
 $conf['mailer']['type'] = 'smtp';

 'smtphost.domain.local' is another machine on the LAN where I have smtp and imap servers. I also tried to put IP address or 'smtp.domain.tld' in all the places where 'smtphost.domain.local' stands now but the result was always the same: IMAP was working but SMTP not. telnet <ip or dns address> 25, too, was always working.


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