[horde] Horde logging. Syslog options

Vilius Šumskas vilius at lnk.lt
Thu Sep 29 08:01:51 UTC 2011


Thursday, September 29, 2011, 12:29:07 AM, you wrote:

>> This is almost certainly a filesystem permsissions, or webserver
>> configuration issue. If you are *sure* that the directory/file
>> permissions are ok, then check for server restrictions like
>> open_basedir or similar.  You can also try a path in the same
>> directory as the apache log and see if that helps.

> When you write the emails it's like a veil lifting from my eyes -
> and I go aha, that'll work!  Only it doesn't..

> Horde_Log_Handler_Stream: "/var/log/apache2/horde/horde4.log" cannot be opened with mode "a+"

> Vilius - changing it to /tmp/horde4.log does work! :)   Even the
> sync.log is filling up (another thread brewing there).

> Is there something I can change to allow it to log /var/log/horde/?

At  first you need to know what user your Apache/PHP runs on. At least
here,  under  RedHat  it  is  "apache".  Note that usually Apache logs
itself   are  written under different user - "root". Check the user of /var/log/php.log if you have
one to write global PHP errors to. Also check "ps aux |grep httpd" for
the  user.  If  this  doesn't  help, check your distribution manual or
write  to  their mailing list. When you know a user it's just a matter
of chown 'user' /var/log/horde (or chgrp).

If  this  still  doesn't  work  then as Michael said it is server
restrictions in effect.

Best regards,

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