[horde] horde4 and z-push

Robert Schetterer robert at schetterer.org
Wed Oct 12 14:03:06 UTC 2011

Am 12.10.2011 15:58, schrieb Michael J Rubinsky:
> Quoting Robert Schetterer <robert at schetterer.org>:
>> Hi, sorry this may asked before
>> i remember horde4 does not integrate pushmail via activesync yet
>> is there a way for combine it with z-push
>> so horde4 does active sync for calenders/contacts/tasks and pushmail via
>> z-push under same url ?
> No. You would need to write the necessary code in the Horde_ActiveSync
> library to handle the email sync and messages. This would need to use
> the Horde_Imap_Client library for email server communication. There is,
> IIRC an open ticket for this on bugs.horde.org, but it is pretty low on
> my priority list at the moment. Patches and/or sponsorship

ok, i will ask about sponsor coding this feature

 would help
> push this further up on the list.

thx for answer, and coding

Best Regards

MfG Robert Schetterer


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