[horde] Horde H4 LDAP Groups and Auth

Sven Röllig roellig at roellig-ltd.de
Sat Dec 24 04:29:59 UTC 2011


i will manage the groups and users in ldap.

what i need for this??

when i activate in config the LDAP tab with $conf[ldap][bindas] "bind
with admin"
and the right binddn an bindpw it become an error in login

Bad search filter Parameters: Base: ou=user,o=bla,dc=blubb,dc=de
Filter: (&(objectclass=)(=user1 at domain1.de)) Scope: sub

in ldap log is an searchentry
Bad search filter#012Parameters:#012Base:  
(&(objectclass=)(=user1 at domain1.de))#012Scope: sub [pid 30820 on line  
394 of "/usr/share/php/Horde/Group/Ldap.php"]

in the web is nothing foung for this, and the wiki ist for H3

in my old installation with H3 is running perfectly, but in H4 is a lot
of fields changed.


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