[horde] Performance of Horde Sidebar in Traditional mode reg.

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Fri Dec 30 05:03:12 UTC 2011

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> Citējot Jan Schneider <jan at horde.org>
> Thu, 29 Dec 2011 11:16:40 +0100:
>>> I do not know whether I had definitely the same problem, but  
>>> observation about extremely slow refreshment of sidebar was the  
>>> same (I tried to report it as a bug but was declined by You).
>> Yes because a statement like "my sidebar is slow" is not helpful in  
>> any way. And you didn't say whether this was cause by Kronolith.  
>> Neither when you reported this the first time, and still not now.
> at the first time I had no idea that this could be the problem with  
> Kronolith and not with horde framework as such (or in any other  
> combination). In fact, i found it much more productive to downgrade  
> than to fiddle around on production system trying to enable/disable  
> everything pointlessly. And, besides, I even wonder how it was found  
> by original author of this thread.

It so happened that, I was trying to share my Calendar (Kronolith)  
with other user and I got into to some other problem, which I have  
already reported in kronolith mailing list.  During this testing, I  
had accidently disabled the view of my calendar.  And I was surprised  
to to see that, Horde Sidebar refresh is very fast.  This is how, I  
came to know that, Show calendar is causing slowness in Horde Sidebar  
Refresh.  However, this slowless should have happened only when we are  
viewing summary screen, but it happens even when we are viewing mails.

>> Then this won't be "fixed" (if there is anything to fix) ever. If  
>> you are not willing to track an issue further down that at that  
>> time only
> excuse me, Jan, but it sounds a bit like "if passenger does not like  
> the sound of our jet, he is welcome to detect the problem by himself  
> during the flight and feel free to report back". Horde is so  
> complicated that I have no idea where to start to look for and what  
> tools for that purpose to use.

I partially agree with Jan.  We only keep complaining, but don't  
provide proper input (because sometimes we don't know what to  
provide).  The developers will have to spend their precious time in  
understanding the problem.  I know, many time, I get harsh answers  
from developers, but, I never complain because, they are doing their  


> Janis
> Happy New Year!
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