[horde] How to sync contacts with Nokia E5-00

Matthew Wronka horde at matt.wronka.org
Sun Feb 12 06:35:48 UTC 2012

Hello all,

I apologize up-front for cross-posting (I couldn't find a list
etiquette page/FAQ, feel free to direct me off-list).  I ran
into a problem with Symbian Belle's in-built SyncML client with
Horde giving me an error of which I could only find the
referenced thread dated last November.  On the web:

Before I go further, I'll mention that I set my phone to use
version 1.1 of SyncML after version 1.2 failed to work, as brief
Web searches indicated better luck with the former (among other

I did not trace through the entire flow, however I did notice that
line 54 (current git head) of /framework/Xml_Wbxml/lib/Horde/Xml/Wbxml/ContentHandler.php 
defines Horde_Xml_Wbxml_ContentHandler::setVersion() as:

    public function setVersion($v)
        $this->_wbxmlVersion = 2;

Changing the constant "2" to "1" fixed the problem reported back
in November "HORDE [horde] Unable to find dtd for syncml:syncml1.11.2"
which was caused by a regex matching both 1.1 and 1.2 in $uri it
looks.  Oddly, replacing the constant with "$v" didn't work for

The other issue I came across was unrelated to this, but was
causing syncs to be aborted.  Horde_SyncMl::MSG_TRAILER_LEN is
defined as 150 (line 159, /framework/SyncMl/lib/Horde/SyncMl.php).
The purpose of this appears to be as a safety-buffer when
building the outgoing messages to the SyncML client to ensure
that the total message size stays under a set threshold.
However, I was getting error messages indicating that the message
was approaching the specification limit (the numbers actually
showed that the value was *higher* than what it said was the
protocol limit).  Increasing this value let my phone sync.
(I set it to 350, it looks like 250 would have worked as well,
though I'm not sure why 150 was chosen initially.)

As I just changed values to make my configuration work with no
understanding behind them, I have not bothered with any
patches. However, I do hope this information helps either users or
developers who come across these issues in the future.


Matthew Wronka

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