[horde] smtp auth sasl

Nicolás Valera nvalera at gmail.com
Wed Feb 29 15:19:29 UTC 2012

Jan, thanks for answer!
maybe i didn't explain well.
I'm trying to configure the horde mailer with a sasl auth smtp server 
and if it is possible with the user credentials.

$conf['mailer']['params']['host'] = 'smtps.example.com';
$conf['mailer']['params']['port'] = 465;
$conf['mailer']['params']['auth'] = true;

i didn't see the ssl option


On 02/29/2012 11:35 AM, Jan Schneider wrote:
> Zitat von Nicolás Valera <nvalera at gmail.com>:
>> hi, is it possible to configure horde to use SMTP authentication 
>> using ssl and current username/password used by the logged user, 
>> instead of a fixed username/password specified on 
>> horde/config/conf.php ?
> One hasn't do with the other, so: yes.

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