[horde] Wrong Birthday entry in Contacts ActiveSync & Andoird ICS 4.0.2

Daniel Basa daniel at luli.de
Thu Mar 1 09:39:40 UTC 2012

Hi List!

back again with an ActiveSync Android problem. This time I think that
it's not a problem with horde, but I would like to know if someone is
experiencing the same issue.

Since January I sync my Contacts and my Calendars using Horde. The first
two months I also had the google contact on my phone, but I did a whipe
today and resynced with horde.
Problem is, that all contact's birthday dates are wrong by one (or two?)
days. They are correct in horde's addressbook and I checked the sync log
and noticed birthdays of contacts in there were correct too. Question is
why are the birthdays on my phone wrong?

Anybody has the same issue? Perhaps a bug with google? Because of leap year?

Thanks in advance,


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