[horde] Wrong Birthday entry in Contacts ActiveSync & Andoird ICS 4.0.2

Stephan Kleber stephan at admin.nabira.de
Thu Mar 1 17:44:18 UTC 2012

Zitat von Daniel Basa <daniel at luli.de>:

> Am 01.03.2012 16:49, schrieb Michael J Rubinsky:
>> Quoting Daniel Basa <daniel at luli.de>:
>>> Am 01.03.2012 15:57, schrieb Michael J Rubinsky:
>>>> Quoting Daniel Basa <daniel at luli.de>:
>>>>> Hi List!
>>>>> back again with an ActiveSync Android problem. This time I think that
>>>>> it's not a problem with horde, but I would like to know if someone is
>>>>> experiencing the same issue.
>>>>> Since January I sync my Contacts and my Calendars using Horde. The
>>>>> first
>>>>> two months I also had the google contact on my phone, but I did a whipe
>>>>> today and resynced with horde.
>>>>> Problem is, that all contact's birthday dates are wrong by one (or
>>>>> two?)
>>>>> days. They are correct in horde's addressbook and I checked the sync
>>>>> log
>>>>> and noticed birthdays of contacts in there were correct too.
>>>>> Question is
>>>>> why are the birthdays on my phone wrong?
>>>>> Anybody has the same issue? Perhaps a bug with google? Because of leap
>>>>> year?
>>>> Earlier Android "Contact" apps did not even support birthdays and would
>>>> display them exactly as sent i.e., as the standard date/time string in
>>>> UTC. The app in ICS, though, does have support for the birthday field
>>>> and is working for on my Galaxy Nexus device.
>>>> If you generate a sync log that includes the contact data being sent to
>>>> the device, I can try to take a look and see if anything weird pops out.
>>>> Also, does the timezone on the device match the timezone in your Horde
>>>> account prefs? Just grasping at straws though since it shouldn't really
>>>> matter; I don't see how tz can matter since tz data is not sent as part
>>>> of the protocol for contact messages.
>>>> Anyway, see http://wiki.horde.org/ActiveSync for more information on how
>>>> to debug, provide log files etc...
>>> Sorry for that! While removing sensible data from the log files I
>>> recognized, that the birthday data is already wrong in the log file. I
>>> must have made a mistake last time I checked the birthday. So the data
>>> is defintly somehow changed by horde. Re checking the horde interface
>>> shows that the data inside horde's gui is correct. The data inside the
>>> mysql database is correct too (Table: turba_objects). I am running
>>> Address Book (turba) 3.0.11, Horde Groupware Webmail Edition 4.0.6
>> AFAIK, all date/time data is supposed to be transmitted as UTC time, so
>> it will be different than what Horde displays in the GUI, unless your
>> timezone *is* UTC.  When I get back to my office, I will double check
>> the specs to be sure that the birthday field, specifically, is supposed
>> to be transmitted as such.  Though, I wonder why it works for me, on an
>> ICS device, in a non-UTC timezone.
>> Do you store your calendar data in the database in UTC, or as floating?
> Calendar data is stored in UTC (kronolith). I am in UTC+1. But time
> should not have an impact on a date, right?! Or maybe?
> Bday data in horde is stored as varchar but in date format yyyy-mm-dd.
> There is no time associated with the bday ... at least as far as i can see.
> Well in the log on the other hand a bday entry looks loke this
> yyyy-mm-ddT23:00:00.000Z. If this is UTC and I am in UTC+1 than this
> could probably have an impact, but it would mean +1 day and the contacts
> on my phone have at least -1 day.


I have a very similar problem to this. I just hadn't hat the time to  
report it, with useful information provided. I might be able to  
provide some logs from my ActiveSync, shifting birthday dates on every  
sync with changes for the affected contact entry. In my experience  
sync from Horde to Android provides the phone with the correct date.  
When synced back (i. e. the contact was changed in some way, being not  
nessessarily the birthday date itself) the date shifted back one day.  
This took place everytime the contact was synced back to Horde, so  
some dates gradually went back further in time.

I have experienced the additional problem that events in kronolith,  
created or changed on the phone and synced back to Horde, were created  
one hour earlier than on the phone (Horde-Frontend and date value in  
database are both consistently wrong). The other way round (Horde  
syncs to phone) works flawlessly. In the ActiveSync logs written by  
Horde, I could see that the time is submitted to Horde correctly (i.  
e. the time for an event is the correct one as created on the phone,  
but in follow-up must be written to the database erroneously one hour  
in the past).

Both problems (turba and kronolith) appear with different client  
devices (iPhone 4, iPod with iOS 3.x, Android LeeDroid Custom ROM,  
Acer A501 Stock ROM, and others) different users (all users on my  
Horde deployment) and always just from client to Horde. The other way  
round always works correct.

The timezone on the server AND (as far as I have control of them) on  
the phones is CET (UTC +1). Interestingly enough in the user settings  
of Horde the time of the last sync of the phones is one hour in the  
future compared with the actual sync time. kronolith is NOT using UTC  
in the database since the convert script totally confused the times of  
the events to be converted "randomly" by one or two hours. So I am  
involuntarily stuck with local time in the database.

I can provide some logs of this behaviour and screenshots if you like.  
But it could take until the weekend for me to find the time to do so.  
Is there anything special you want to see besides the ActiveSync logs?

I had reported at least the kronolith issue on 2011-12-05 to this list  
(Subject: "Timeshift on ActiveSync to Horde") and Mike asked me on  
2011-12-20 to wait for an upcoming update but this did not solve the  

Maybe both issues (kronolith and turba) have the same reason so I  
mentioned both.

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