[horde] horde webmail question.

Jim Kallio jrkallio at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 4 16:36:09 UTC 2012

Sorry a bit  new  at  this.  I've  been  using  Horde  webmail  fine  for almost 2  years,  works  fine.

However,  since  last week,  it  seems  some  mail  does  not appear  in  my inbox.
I see  this because I  have a  redirect  to  my yahoo account, and  not all  mail  makes it  to  my  Horde account.  This  incoming  mail  comes  from a web  site  I  have  and do  believe  it  was  suggested  when I  created  the  site  with a web software package called:  X5 v8 Evolution.

I've  read  on  the  web  site  about a  possible attack  on  this  webmail  app,  that  has  been  prevented  so am  wondering  if  I  should  upgrade  my version.  Could  this be  the  issue.

>From  Horde,  it seem  that  I  have   v 3.3.10.  I  use  Windows  Xp  and  still  use  FireFox 3.6.27.
I  also  have  Chrome v17  and  still  the  same issue.

Can  you tell  which  version of  Horde,  if  any,  I should  upgrade  to  and  will I loose  mails  by doing  so?  Or  do  you  have  any other  course  of action I  can  take.

I  hope  you  have  enough  information  to  give  me a  starting  point.

Thanks  in advance.


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