[horde] Horde 4 and RPC

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Mon Mar 12 12:47:20 UTC 2012

Zitat von Andreas Mauser <andreas at mauser.info>:

> Hi,
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>> Zitat von Andreas Mauser <andreas at mauser.info>:
>>> Hi,
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>>> Betreff: [horde] Horde 4 and RPC
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>>>> Hi,
>>>> with Horde 4 which path do I use to sync (in my case) my  
>>>> Blackberry with RPC?
>>>> I tried to use https://mydomain/webmail/rpc.php as suggested at  
>>>> http://wiki.horde.org/SyncHowTo?referrer=SyncMLProblemReport
>>>> I use the Nexthaus Client on my Berry and it does get 0 Items.
>>>> The names it's using for sync are:
>>>> card, event, tasks
>>>> The Nexthaus Client is also able to do multisession but that also  
>>>> didnt help.
>>>> The Nexthaus debug error message e.g. for the calendar is: 'No  
>>>> calendar sync anchor found'
>>>> What is the anchor? Any module to install in Horde4?
>>>> You suggest to use the Funambol client which I am unable to install.
>>>> Maybe OffTopic a little but surely helpful:
>>>> Did anyone of you install the Funambol client for Blackberry OS  
>>>> v6 and could give me a hint? In the ZIP file I download from them  
>>>> there are JAD and COD files, nothing 'installable' and the BB  
>>>> Manager cant install it. I would like try the Funambol too before  
>>>> investing to much time in Nexthaus (which doesnt work yet for me).
>>>> Thank you,
>>>> Andreas
>>> For this I found another error message in syslos, maybe that helps:
>>> HORDE: [horde] Unable to find dtd for syncml:syncml1.11.2 [pid  
>>> 22372 on line 110 of  
>>> "/var/www/mauser.info/mailoffice/pear/php/Horde/Xml/Wbxml/Encoder.php"]
>> IIRC there is an open bug report for this.
> Thank you Jan for this information.
> Is there any schedule when its going to be fixed? I feel this could  
> be important for everybody.


> Is there anything I can try to fix it by myself? I really have a  
> need for synchronization.

Did you find the bug? Does it ask for information or testing or anything?


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