[horde] Wrong Birthday entry in Contacts ActiveSync & Andoird ICS 4.0.2

Stephan Kleber stephan at admin.nabira.de
Wed Mar 14 19:30:05 UTC 2012

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after some preliminary tests it seems these two patches fix both
issues for me. I want to do some more testing to be sure, but
everything looks very promising.

Many thanks,

Am 12.03.2012 19:14, schrieb Michael J Rubinsky:
> Quoting Stephan Kleber <stephan at admin.nabira.de>:
>> Hi,
>> I have a very similar problem to this. I just hadn't hat the time
>> to report it, with useful information provided. I might be able
>> to provide some logs from my ActiveSync, shifting birthday dates
>> on every sync with changes for the affected contact entry. In my
>> experience sync from Horde to Android provides the phone with the
>> correct date. When synced back (i. e. the contact was changed in
>> some way, being not nessessarily the birthday date itself) the
>> date shifted back one day. This took place everytime the contact
>> was synced back to Horde, so some dates gradually went back
>> further in time.
> Can you see if the following commit fixes this for you?
> https://github.com/horde/horde/commit/a06bef8ec8edd3d261f6d798d67c699434a04378
>> I have experienced the additional problem that events in
>> kronolith, created or changed on the phone and synced back to
>> Horde, were created one hour earlier than on the phone
>> (Horde-Frontend and date value in database are both consistently
>> wrong). The other way round (Horde syncs to phone) works
>> flawlessly. In the ActiveSync logs written by Horde, I could see
>> that the time is submitted to Horde correctly (i. e. the time for
>> an event is the correct one as created on the phone, but in
>> follow-up must be written to the database erroneously one hour in
>> the past).
> This may have been fixed by:
> https://github.com/horde/horde/commit/c5c4d75a0c0de4fd231b1bdff8a0812a87fbf427
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