[horde] User Presets

Nicolas Berens nicnameb at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 16:28:10 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,
i would have a question regarding the presets for users in horde.
I recently updated our horde instace to use the pear repositories, so
my boss asked me if i could also do a couple of other things *sigh*.

because our email setup is a little bit, legacy, every mailbox has not
an email adress but a name like "Username0001" as login name,
and, because horde authentiocates itself against the imap server the
usernames for horde are also "Username0001".
this leads to the problem that the default adress in the from field is
"Username0001@", which leads to the problem that the outgoing email
server wont let me send any email before i change my setting.

So my question would be if there is any posibility to build something
like a hook or so, that, if the user hsn't changed the defaut
settings, makes an sql query which gives back the correct email


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