[horde] Interface design Horde 4.1/5.0

Michael M Slusarz slusarz at horde.org
Mon Apr 23 21:05:03 UTC 2012

Quoting Leena Heino <Leena.Heino at uta.fi>:

> Positive feedback:
> * Smartmobile mode was liked (once users found it). Some had a  
> feeling of slightly dissapointment when they could not answer or  
> compose messages

Already added for IMP 6.

> Negative feedback on Traditional view:
> * General: Does not seem to work on smaller screen sizes (under 1024  
> pixels wide) when WebKit browser are used eg. Chrome, Safari: The  
> left panel and icons get all mixed up

This is (partially) expected and is why the minimal version exists  
(For the record, traditional will scale well down to about 800 pixels  

> * IMP, Kronolith: Users would like to be able to Print the whole  
> message or Print the whole Month

For IMP, this is not possible (or is at least very difficult) due to  
browser issues with printing HTML IFRAME content.  Nobody has yet  
stepped up to either create a viable solution or fund a workaround.

> Negative feedback on Dynamic view:
> * General: Some users felt that the new UI was just too different to  
> be able to use it efficiently or had a feeling they did not have to  
> the time to learn the new interface or the new ways of doing things

Not a valid criticism in my book.  There is no expectation that users  
have previously used the traditional view (or even know it exists), so  
any criticism that dynamic doesn't look/behave like the traditional  
view is unfounded.

> * General: Kronolith dynamic view looked very different from the  
> dynamic view of IMP.

This is being addressed for H5.

> * General: Problems with older Browser versions: Browsers in older  
> Nokia phones, old Firefox versions like 2.x and 3.x.

Phones should not be using the dynamic view.  They should be using  
minimal view.

Same with old FF browsers - they should be using the traditional view  
(or minimal view).

> * IMP, Mailbox view: Font size was smaller than it was in traditional view

Easily changed via CSS.

> * IMP, Mailbox view: Select all selected all messages, not just  
> those that vere shown on the screen

So?  The latter is incorrect behavior.  It is what is done in  
Traditional view, but is not what users expect (e.g. "select all: in a  
typical OS-level widget/view/application selects all items in that  

> * IMP, Compose: Some browsers eg. Chrome on default settings seemed  
> to want extra confirmation when pasting text from another application

Obviously not an IMP limitation but a browser security limitation.

> * IMP, Print: Unable to print the whole message including the  
> information about attached files.

See above.


Michael Slusarz [slusarz at horde.org]

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