[horde] Address Auto completion

Simon Wilson simon at simonandkate.net
Thu Apr 26 23:51:04 UTC 2012

I have Turba set up with multiple addresses in SQL. This functionality
works fine in Turba.

   In Imp I have all three email address fields selected as searchable for
expanding addresses.

   The behaviour though does not appear to be as expected:

   E.g. my sister has two email addresses - a work one e.g.
firstname.lastname@ her employer, and her personal one hername.husbandname@
their domain.

   When I type her firstname, autocomplete suggests her work email address.
When I continue with the .husbandname to bring up their personal email
address, the work email continues as the autocomplete suggestion.

   I tried it with a couple of others where I have multiple email addresses
- regardless of which email address of the multiples attached to a contact,
the returned AutoComplete suggestion is always the FIRST email address.

   The Search appears to be working fine - it appears to be matching the
typed email address to the contact with no problem, but then only
retrieving the contact's first email, not the one that actually matches
what is being typed.


   Simon Wilson
   M: 0400 12 11 16

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