[horde] Horde user privileges

Luca Egloff legloff at mus.ch
Tue May 1 07:28:09 UTC 2012

Hi everyone
I'm new on this list and in setting up servers :-)
I installed the newest Horde Groupware on a 64-bit Scientific Linux Installation. I followed the Instructions, as far as possible, in the HoTo for "installing on CentOS".
Everything works fine! I'm happy and willing to follow this Project.
Sometimes, though, I encounter problems with user privileges. I had problems creating tasks, or couldn't change global rights. I did not test everything and did not set all configurations variables, because I have not that much time left for such frickling.

I wanted to ask this list, if there is summery of the Horde system (Folders, including PHP and mysql) and the corresponding owner and user privileges. In the way, that a Guy like my can check this instances on his system and fix it rather fast without encounter each problem and solve it, maybe not complete.

Thank you in advance for your help,

p.s: I apologise for my English. I'm a swiss Guy speaking rather German, French or Italien.

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