[horde] Do hooks.php get overwritten on pear upgrade ?

Jan Schneider jan at horde.org
Thu May 3 08:17:56 UTC 2012

Zitat von Vilius ?umskas <vilius at lnk.lt>:

>> Hello everyone,
>> I just noticed that my signature hook had disappeared from imp's hooks.php.
>> While looking for it I found out that hooks.php got overwritten when I last
>> executed pear upgrade. I am aware that prefs should be stored in
>> prefs.local.php and backends in backends.local.php but should hooks be
>> stored in hooks.local.php ? I tried that but it doesn't seem to work.
> No, all files which has *.dist versions should not be overwritten by  
> pear upgrade.

This is almost correct, with one exception: since hooks.php contains a  
class, we cannot simply use the loading mechanism that we use for the  
other configuration files. That's why we have to ship default hook as  
hooks.php in the groupware bundles. Those will be overwritten during  
the next upgrade.
We yet have to find a better solution for that. Traits would be handy,  
but it's too early to require PHP 5.4.

Jan Schneider
The Horde Project

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