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Ralf Lang lang at b1-systems.de
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Am 03.05.2012 12:04, schrieb Luca Egloff:
> Hi sure you can't help me solve the problem. I encounter one
> problem after the other, because as I told, I don't have much time.
> That's why I wanted a summary of the privileges. I mean: Which
> folders/files are known to have a required ownership and mod. For
> now, I have 2 problems: I'm logged in as administrator in Horde.
> When I fix a new task, I get error, because I don't have the
> required rights :-( The second problem I got is, when I wanted to
> change the global rights for users, guests etc. There too I didn't
> seem to have enough rights.
> I hope this helps. Luca
> Am 02.05.2012 um 09:23 schrieb Ralf Lang:
> Am 01.05.2012 09:28, schrieb Luca Egloff:
>>>> Hi everyone I'm new on this list and in setting up servers
>>>> :-) I installed the newest Horde Groupware on a 64-bit
>>>> Scientific Linux Installation. I followed the Instructions,
>>>> as far as possible, in the HoTo for "installing on CentOS".
>>>> Everything works fine! I'm happy and willing to follow this
>>>> Project. Sometimes, though, I encounter problems with user
>>>> privileges. I had problems creating tasks, or couldn't change
>>>> global rights. I did not test everything and did not set all
>>>> configurations variables, because I have not that much time
>>>> left for such frickling.
>>>> I wanted to ask this list, if there is summery of the Horde
>>>> system (Folders, including PHP and mysql) and the
>>>> corresponding owner and user privileges. In the way, that a
>>>> Guy like my can check this instances on his system and fix it
>>>> rather fast without encounter each problem and solve it,
>>>> maybe not complete.
> Sorry but if you do not tell what exactly is wrong for you, we can 
> probably not help you solve it.
> By default, users see their own shares (task lists, calendars etc)
> and can share them with other users.

Please provide more detailed information. What is the exact procedure
you are trying to do and what error message are you getting where?

Making us guess around will not speed up things at all.

Normally things just work out of the box.

If you are in a hurry you may want to hire professional assistance.

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