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Ralf Lang lang at b1-systems.de
Sat May 19 11:26:07 UTC 2012

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Am 19.05.2012 12:22, schrieb Sven Röllig:
> what i need to test H5?
> my system is a debian squeeze with php 5.3.3-7 and a lot of module
> for H4.
> Regards Sven
We currently don't have any pear packages for Horde 5 (yet - it should
 not take long anymore).

Basically you need PHP 5.3+ (Horde 4 was PHP 5.2 or something lower)

You need to do a developer installation as documented on the website.
Start out by checking out the "develop" branch of the "horde" repo on

FIRST change to the develop branch, then do the following steps
(changing order will mess up things).

Create an empty database (mysql or some other supported system) and
grant a user "all" privileges for this database.

go to the framework/bin directory in your git checkout.

copy and edit the install-dev.conf.dist file to install-dev.conf

* Set a web-accessible dir
* you can leave the "apps" array empty. This will default to
installing all apps

php ./install-dev

setup an apache vhost with follow-symlinks which has its web root in
the horde web dir (it should be full of symlinks by now)

go to config/ in your install dir and copy registry.local.php from

edit registry.local.php - It is absolutely necessary to change the
fileroot line on the top of the file to point to the absolute path to
your horde checkout. Do not use relative paths.

copy conf.php.dist to conf.php

Enter the web screen,
configure database access in administration->setup->horde (db tab).

- From here it's just like in Horde 4.

Remember this is bleeding edge work in progress. Things might not work
out. Bug reports are welcome but don't expect any support. Do not run
this code for real users. Use a pear release or rpm/deb install for
production when they come available.

Remember to have fun.

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