[horde] Horde isn't working anymore (after a freebsd update?)

Ralf Lang lang at b1-systems.de
Thu Jul 19 03:23:42 UTC 2012

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Am 18.07.2012 19:48, schrieb Dirk Dettmering:
> Hy,
> since around 2 or 3 weeks my private horde installation isn't
> working anymore and I can't find the culprit. It's a freebsd 8.3
> system (32 bit version, last updated Jul 2) and horde was installed
> in may 2011 the horde way and not via ports. I guess that the
> problem is caused by an update of a port and not by horde itself
> but maybe somebody on this list can give me a hint. The system is
> used by me and my family only when we are abroad. Therefore I can't
> say exactly when horde stopped working.
> The startpage just states: Ein schwerer Fehler ist aufgetreten: 
> Class does not exist


Disable memcache in conf.php
Purge Horde_Autoloader cache (is the Horde_Autoloader_Cache installed)
Install xdebug
See php log (usually syslog or something configured in php.ini) WHICH
classes are missing.

what's your horde version and php version?
Does /test.php run if you enable it in conf.php?

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