[horde] Identities are not found anymore after horde-upgrade

Piper Andreas piper at hrz.uni-marburg.de
Mon Oct 1 10:12:43 UTC 2012


after upgrading from Horde-3, IMP-4 to Horde-4.0.15, IMP-5.0.23 all
identity-settings are missing. I did migrate the horde-db which moved
the 'identities' out of scope 'imp' into scope 'horde'. Accessing the
identity-settings as logged-in user yields to this error:

HORDE [imp] PHP ERROR: Undefined index: 1 [pid 6142 on line 329 of

I have no idea, where to look for a solution.

Any hints are very welcome.

Thanks a lot,
Dr. Andreas Piper, Hochschulrechenzentrum der Philipps-Univ. Marburg
          Hans-Meerwein-Straße, 35032 Marburg, Germany
Phone: +49 6421 28-23521  Fax: -26994  E-Mail: piper at HRZ.Uni-Marburg.DE

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