[horde] Sesha inventory stock item count

Matīss Jēkabsons matiss at jekabsons.lv
Mon Oct 29 08:55:26 UTC 2012

On 10/29/2012 10:50 AM, Ralf Lang wrote:
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> Am 28.10.2012 20:22, schrieb Matīss Jēkabsons:
>> On 10/28/2012 08:38 PM, Matīss Jēkabsons wrote:
>>> Is there a way to add stock count. To set that I have ....well
>>> 10 bricks in stock and after I sell two of them, change to 8
>>> etc...?
>> I have a started project - Inventory WEBapp some time ago. With
>> incoming/outgoing invoices, automatic invoices numbers, client
>> database, AJAX based automatic invoice creation etc... is it
>> possible, maybe, to integrate code from my app as Horde module?
> I cannot answer that question without knowing the app ;-)
> Are you asking for putting additional code/functions into sesha or do
> you want to have an interface between sesha and your invoicing tools?
> Contribution of features is welcome, but I think we should take care
> what to put where.
> Does Inventory WEBapp use the horde api? Is it a standalone program?
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It is stand alone app, because when we startet to develop it, i wasnt 
familiar with Horde.
Because of need for some kind of complicated functions, i think that 
interface sesha-my WEBapp would bee the best, but also, maybe i am not 
the onlu one, who needs such a features.

In fact, i could give you an access to that WEBapp, to take a look. But 
the only thing - it latvian language only for now.

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