[horde] Horde Active Sync on 5.0.0 RC1

Brent impuser at bitrealm.com
Tue Oct 30 18:01:19 UTC 2012

The web UI stuff works, just having a problem with ActiveSync on an  
iPhone running ios 6.

I have everything apparently working, but I have one problem:  upon  
deleting an item in the Inbox using the phone, I get "Unable to Move  
Message.   The message could not be moved to the mailbox Trash".

I do have a Trash folder, I can view it on the phone.  Further, it  
does actually move it to the Trash folder and removes it from the  
Inbox list on the phone and server.  I cranked up dovecot debugging  
and don't see anything.  I have Horde logging ALL, but I don't see  
where this would be logged.

All this works without error using the web UI.

Horde_ActiveSync          2.0.0RC1   beta



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