[horde] Can't sent html mails

Andreas Mauser andreas at mauser.info
Thu Nov 1 13:44:13 UTC 2012

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> Quoting Andreas Mauser <andreas at mauser.info>:
>> I found the problem accidentally.
>> In Horde is a setting to download (and embed?) images from the net  
>> to the e-mail.
>> When I go to Horde Konfiguration a popup message tells me that it  
>> can not find the images for my old html-signature.
>> So this signature must still be located somewhere.
>> Where can I find and delete it?
> Identity preference?

There have been two fields in H4, one for plain text signature, one  
for html signature.
In H5 there is only one signature field left where I entered the  
signature you can see attached to this email.

The old html signature had images which can not be found anymore  
because they are not there anymore.
So I have no chance to delete the old html signature out of H5.

Is the signature in the database and how can I delete it out?


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